Vinos Finos Wine Flights

Wine is a fascinating beverage that comes from fermented grapes. There are hundreds of different kinds of grapes (varietals), styles, regions of the world and fermentation process that all effects the taste of the wine. Wine can range from dry to sweet, fruity to earthy, smooth to rustic. Due to all these variables, picking the right wine for the right occasion and food can be difficult. Whether you are a novice or a wine connoisseur, Vinos Finos has something for everyone. We believe wine should be explored, enjoyed, shared and a learning process. We offer wine by the bottle, wine by the glass and wine flights.

A wine flight is a term used to describe a selection of wine that is presented in a row on a wooden board so that you can compare and contrast different wines. Vinos Finos staff are very knowledgeable about the food and wine we offer. Our staff can offer assistance with your wine selection, exploring our standardize wine flights or assembling your own flight from our extensive wine by the glass offerings.

Wine Flights

Each flight contains three 2-oz glasses of wine.


West Side Story 17

Shannon Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
Angeline Pinot Noir
Three Zinfandel


Spanish Armada 17

Care Garnacha
Hecula Monastrell
Carlos Serres Rioja Tempranillo


Aren’t y’all Sweet! 15

Heinz Eifel Riesling
Le Chiarle Moscato
Parolvini Sangue di Giuda


Shades of White 16

Bread & Butter Chardonnay
Le Charmel Sauvignon Blanc
Menade Verdejo


Three Drier Whites 16

Cousino Macul Isidora Sauvignon Gris
Zuccardi Torrontes
Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier

Takes Three to Tango 17

Don David Malbec Reserva
Don Genaro Malbec
Tikal Patriota Malbec/Bonarda


Three Chileans Walk into a Wine Bar 16

Cousino Macul Isidora Sauvignon Gris
Santa Ema Merlot
Casa del Bosque Carménère


European Connection 16

Novellum Chardonnay
Hecula Monastrell
Lagone Super Tuscan


Two Cabs and a Car…(ménère) 17

Shannon Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
Felino Cabernet Sauvignon
Casa Silva Carménère


You are Blushing a Little! 16

Villa Garrel Rosé, Grenache/Cinsault
Fabre Montmayou Malbec Rosé
Care Rosé of Tempranillo/Cabernet

List subject to change and availability