The story of Vinos Finos Wine Bar in Raleigh is one of love and family.

Every wine lover has their first love. For Pat, the journey began when a beautiful, South American co-worker invited him to a dinner party featuring an “Argentine BBQ”, with grass-fed Argentine beef short ribs, chorizos, and Vasio (similar to skirt steak), all served with a wonderful herbal mixture called chimichurri and bread. The  meal was complemented with a bottle of Malbec from Bodega Luigi Bosca (Mendoza, Argentina). His life was changed; his South American co-worker became his beautiful wife and his eyes were opened to the world of elegant wines.

Life in this new family centered on food, wine, friends and family. Every meal was a party with many people in attendance. While eating one meal, they were planning for the next. It didn’t take long to be converted to this new lifestyle.

At Vinos Finos y Picadas you’re invited to be part of the family. Laugh with friends, learn about wine and experience the romance of South America.